7 February 2024

Todd Sanders, the designer of Pulp Invasion, designed the Galactic Map to help your vessel make allies against the Cosmic Hegemonic !

This Galactic map, which is 16 different maps, will be launched on Kickstarter February 13th 2024, and HERE is the preview campaign ! English, French, German and Spanish! Italian with Giochix as usual!

1 July 2023

After the release of Small City Deluxe Edition and the Winter Expansion full illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya, the second big project in 2023 will come August 8th 2023 on Kickstarter. Two expansions for Small City Deluxe Edition!

  • Small City Spring Expansion
  • Small City Summer Expansion

You can visit the draft text of the campaign HERE!

28 April 2023

I am proud to announce the second wave of the Nano9games ! (click on the image below to get more info)

3 new games:

- 12 Patrols, a nifty solo game 

- Clin9ic, the Nano9games version of Clinic Deluxe Edition !

- Asteroid Miners : A 2p dice game for Mining players :=)

KS Launch is planned in June 6th 2023!

04 February 2023

Second month of 2023 and first campaign! This is the final expansion for Pulp Invasion with Space Ship cards and new Crew cards !

Live on Kickstarter February 7th !

Packed in a gorgeous slip case to fit all the boxes of the series, this expansion also adds a Dice Board and a Puzzle Player Board!


Have fun 

12 August 2022 

I am happy to announce the last expansion for Clinic Deluxe Edition: Biohazard!

The launch is planned September 13th 2022 on Kickstarter. It will be the last expansion for Clinic Deluxe Edition!

10 August 2022

The first images of the Nano9game boxes have been sent by the manufacturer...

We are very late on this project. I hope to get them in stock mid October 2022... the good thing is that we are working on the Nano9game Wave#2 which should be ready for April 2023.

9 February 2022

The KS page (DRAFT) is ready HERE and you can visit it, comment and let me know your thoughts.

The Launch is planned March 8th 2022!!

Many new stuffs, game components !!

29 January 2022

I am thrilled to announce the release of Small City Deluxe Edition illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya March 8th 2022 on Kickstarter. Inspired by the video game SimCity 1.0 released in 1989, Small City has been a long time out of print now.

The Winter Expansion box will be released at the same time ! More news later !

15 November 2021

I am thrilled to announce that the first wave of Nano9games can be combined to play a new board game called EMPIRE PLANNERS !

Yes!!! this is crazy and so clever. With the 9 cards from Railways, the 9 cards of City Planner and the 9 cards of Empire, the 27 dice coming from different colors and the 27 cubes you can play a competitive 2p game ! It lasts 60 minutes to play. Ilya Baranovsky made the cover which is a mixed of the 3 first cover!

It will be available during the KS Campaign for 0€ and will cost 5€ after the campaign.

28 August 2021

The Nano0games are coming soon on Kickstarter: November 2nd 2021.

9 Cards, 9 Cubes and 9 Dice for tough games to master! 1 min to setup, 30 min to play and a life to master with minimalistic component.

11 July 2021

Pulp Invasion and its second expansion called X2 is now live on Kickstarter ! Clinic HERE to subscribe 

The campaign ends August 5th 2021: New Captains, new planets to explore, a new Landing team with a new green die ...

You can also grab a new upgraded Rocket Bag !

Languages available: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian  (cards, rules and boxes)

27 January 2021

Clinic Deluxe Extension 2nd and Clinic Deluxe Extension 3rd will be live on Kickstarter February 2nd 2021!

A Campaign (Work) Book will be offered for free during the KS Campaign !

19 October 20

You still have 12 days to use your coupon CLINIC2020. This coupon will give you a discount of 10% and it can be used TWICE !!

16 September 20

I will have new stuffs for the Non Essen fair:

It contains two big expansions for Clinic Deluxe Edition and Tramways

Clinic Deluxe Extension #4: I have skipped Clinic Deluxe Extension #2 and Clinic Deluxe Extension #3 because the Covid19 has disrupted our play testings and are requiring more games to be balances.

That's why I have decided to release the last Deluxe Extension in the series!


Tramways Tile Expansion Packs: I add a new expansion that will add more variety to the building of your city during the setting phase with this release of 46 New Tiles! I have added nice big Clinic Tile with special abilities...


I have asked Sampo Sikiö, the graphic designer of Clinic 1st Edition to design the missing components to have a 4th Medical Dossier for the fans of the first hour who did not want to purchase Clinic Deluxe Edition, who DO not want to purchase Clinic Deluxe Extension #4, but HAVE NOT all the components now. So Medical Dossier #4 will contain ALL SGs unlocked during the big KS Campaign in 2019 and ALL components of Clinic Deluxe Extension #4, all cut and handled with scissors and hands like in 2014-2016!

And I think that should be enough for 2020 !

Thank you for your support


08 September 20

As you know, since the opening of the website, I have paid a particular attention to the shipping costs, and most, for not saying all items, have inexpensive shipping costs.

Since 2016, I have never increased any shipping fees. With the new Trump Administration policies and the Covid19 pandemic, my shipping fees have increased by 120% since 2016. I am now not able to maintain the 2016 shipping costs. I would like to apologize on this but I will increase few shipping costs to cover 50-80% of my real costs. Customers and fans won't be charged 100% of my real shipping costs because they are supporting my work when you are directly ordering the games and extension on my site.

Hope you will understand that the pandemic has put everyone in a very bad position... Hope new year would be a better one for the shipping costs...


21 August 20

Few more news during the Summer and the pandemic:

- the shop is still open and you can freely order as there is no pandemic on the Earth. Some delays have been increased a lot, but all orders arrive if the shipping address is correct. The most difficult area to reach it South America now, but we cross the fingers and we really hope the situation will become smoother very very soon.

- we just get in our warehouse the Covid19 extension and we are now in the fulfillment phase. I have imported the excel files from most of the rewards of the KS campaign, but I will start with the Vaccins, the Pasteur and the Jonas levels. Some backers in Europe should also get their Hospital levels, but they will be very few and lucky. The time delivery is September for this campaign. I am adding a flyer with a 10% discount, so be careful when you open the cardboard envelope !!!

- we also get all stuffs for Pulp Detective 3, the player mats and the crazy Collector box that we have called slip cases. They all look good and perfect. We plan to start the shipping of these items Mid September, when you have finished the Covid19 extension fulfillment.

- About Pulp Invasion, our second game in the Pulps Series, all files have been sent to the manufacturer (64 files!), I would like to thank Todd Sanders who made a crazy job. He is very efficient and very flexible. I know him for 7 years now and I have never been disappointed by his job, always ready to help. He will run a great campaign to publish new books and I will share the link with you when it will be public very soon.

- We are thinking to release some stuffs for the Virtual Essen fair, more news when we know more. May be a Clinic Extension 4, that would be fun to do because we do not have any Clinic Extension 2 neither 3...

21 April 2020 

On Kickstarter April 21th 2020, 

5 April 20

2 important news today...

1) We are still working and shipping orders during the lockdown, I usually ship the orders on Friday

2) I will launch a charity campaign relating with Clinic Deluxe Edition, the CoViD_19 and a cooperative mode at the end of April, so stay tuned and click HERE if you want more informations. 

22 January 20

I am very happy to announce the new Pulp Detective Expansion called Adventurers, Gadgets and Nemesis:

This expansion MUST be directly ordered on the web site during a AVStudiogames campaign that will start March 3rd 2020

Click HERE to know more

02 November 19

Here the last 2 new maps for Tramways the base game we are working on...

Tramways: Adelaide with special harbors connections and passengers flow from and to the downtown ...

Tramways: Shanghai at the beginning of the XXth century, with bad actions that you would like to avoid...

These 2 maps will be mounted on heavy cardboard like the Paris/New York map in 2017.

The campaign will be launched in February 2020 on Kickstarter!

20 October 19

Halloween and black orders! Happy to offer the shipping costs till November 5th 2019 with the coupon ESSEN19 (worldwide available, min 15€)!

5 October 19

I am very happy to upload NEW rules for Clinic Deluxe edition (base game) in several languages

- the English rules  click HERE

- the Korean rules click HERE

- The French rules click HERE

- The Italian rules click HERE

- The Spanish rules click HERE

5 May 19

I am very proud to show you the box cover of CliniC Deluxe Edition: The Extension with Artwork by Ian O'Toole

It features ALL Expansions already released (>12 expansions) in 2014 and 2015 with new layouts, new graphics, new illustrations and new special twists


Kickstarter is scheduled May 7th 2019!

22 April 19

Ian O'Toole has sent us the box cover of the new Clinic: Deluxe Edition that will hit the Kickstarter tables May 7th 2019 !

He has also sent us the new illustrations of the boards and few components

31 March 19

I am proud to announce the release on Kickstarter of the big expansion called Tramways: The Dystopian Expansions April 2nd 2019

17 February 19

Sometimes News are very spaced out because I do not have anything interesting to tell you ...

Sometimes News are coming very quick after the last one (only 2 weeks)... I am happy to share with you the very very first illustrations and graphics for my next BIG board game CLINIC DELUXE. This game has been released in a cut and scissors version in 2014, but I have the opportunity to make something great now thanks to your incredible support. We have started the discussion with Ian O'Toole (VINHOS, LISBOA, AGE OF STEAM...) for 1 year and a half and this is how the illustrations would be

The plan is to run a KS campaign in April 2019... Hope the delay is not too short....

Stay tuned!

3 February 19

The KS campaign for Pulp Detective 2 will be launched February 5th 2019! a08a7fcd-d5b6-440b-baa3-7fda7e41f9b5.jpg
After its breakthrough success in 2018, Pulp Detective is back with a vengeance!

New cases to solve, new detectives, and new cards for even more variability! Click HERE  to back the project on Kickstarter.
And, as previously, we licensed 1920s-50s pulp artwork for this second expansion...

Thank you for your support

(Pour une revue détaillée de Pulp Détective FR, cliquez JEUX DE CLIC ou encore ici chez PARADOX TEMPOREL).

16 November 18

I am very happy to announce that we are working with Todd Sanders to release a second expansion for Pulp Detective! We want to add more control on the game, offer a solution for the wrong cubes color and add more content to the base game, more cases, more detectives/Inspectors! I plan to launch a campaign to fund this expansion on KS in February 5th 2019. It will contain 1 NEW Girl Friday die, 8 wooden cubes and 26 new cards (2 new cases, 2 new detectives/inspectors, 3 new criminal cards from the the society of corpses, 18 Henchmen, gun molls and trap cards, 1 new item card)

3D view of PD exp2

31 October 18

Brutus will be launched January 1st 2019 on Kickstarter. There will be two edition, the normal edition and a deluxe edition with 6 Minis Emperors and the 180 - pages book. This book has been written by Eric Mc Childe and this story is based on the Emperors of Brutus the board game, a hard boiled novel...

5 June 18

Card City XL Crime Expansion is now live on Kickstarter! This small expansion is a set of 12 cards and is playable with the already CCXL ways to play CCXL...

29 March 18

My new standalone game is mostly ready: Tramways Engineer's Workbook.

It is a new concept in the game market: designing a portable complexe game which has no setup and can be played everywhere in solo or duo. Minimalistic components (only a book and an erasable pen)...

April/May 18 on KS..


14 February 18

We are running the KS for the new game under the logo AVSGames PLUS.

The new line of products features less complex games, with stunning graphics and minimalistic component list.

The Campaign Mode has been unlocked. You can read the rules that link the 7 cases of the base game and expansion HERE.

31 December 17

- I am very happy to share with you our last version of the Pulp Detective rules HERE (low resolution and not final)

The dice samples are ready and the embossed dice are very nice... Don't miss the campaign in February

- Here the first version of the 6 Emperors I will have in Brutus, my newest game: Brutus is a fast territory building game in the small city universe. KS campaign is planned in May 18

The 6 emperors in Brutus

18 November 17

Two news for today:

- 150 Age of Steam sets will be available December 1st. Last year, all the sets have been sold within 36 hours, so stay tuned and be reactive when the newsletter will be dispatched... 4 New maps and 1 Reprint of the very old map from 2006.... MARS... (with new stunning graphics...

- Here the cover of the new game from AVStudiogames PLUS: It is a narrative-detective-clue-dice-solo game designed by Todd SANDERS. The graphics are coming from real pulp magazines covers copyrights Steeger Properties. I will launch the KS February 1st 2018

5 October 17

AVStudiogames has now a second line of games: Games that I have not designed but I have personally developed for talented designers

Here the logo of AVStudiogames PLUS.

AVStudioGames Plus logo

The first game under this line will be published in February 1st: Pulp Detective. It has been designed by Todd Sanders, more infos will come soon...

24 September 17

Just few words to let you know that:

1) we are handling the Tramways and Small City expansions, they should all be ready for shipping by the end of September (in one week)

2) I am very happy that Tramways is on the list for the JOGO DE ANO 17 in Portugal!

3) We have received the Card City XL boxes and we will also start the fulfillment for the European countries very soon. The backers of the KS campaign will be the first served. Again a big thank you for your support. We will be on time.

4) And finally, we will be at the fair in Essen booth 1D-129 on the Ludicreations booth.

What else ? Stay tuned for other great games next year !

16 June 17

Tramways has won the HeavyCard board People's choice 2016.

Please visit their web site to learn more about the heavy side of the board games...


2 May 17

As promised, the campaign for Card City XL will be launched today on Kickstarter !

Here the link : Card City XL KS campaign

one of the 186 cards of CCXL

20 March 17

Two news today:

- I added few Tramways pack on the web site. It contains the base game and the 1st Tramways expansion

- I am very happy to share the cover of my next stand alone game called Card City XL who will be abbreviated CCXL for special reasons which I will explain later...More news soon...

3D View

06 March 17

A great success for the 1st expansion of Tramways the base game. We will start the shipping in June, may be sooner...

I am running out Tramways the base game, so if you don't have it yet, I recommend to find a copy now.

02 February 17

The KS Campaign is live on KS TRAMWAYS EXPANSION We will build the trams in Paris and New York !

11 January 17

The campaign for TRAMWAYS : Paris / New-York expansion will be launched on Kickstarter February 1st 2017

1 January 17

Special offer : Free shipping for TRAMWAYS till 31st January 17 !

24 December 16

50 new Age of Steam sets have been added on the web site, a second and last small printing.

27 November 16

100 Age of Steam sets are for sale on the web site ! Enjoy these new maps, graphic work by Todd Sanders !

Edit : Already sold out in 24 hours... I will see if I have some time to reprint 50 maps at the end of the year. I have many stuffs in 2017...

09 October 16

Till 31th October , the shipping costs for Tramways are only 5€ where ever you live on the Earth ! After that, it will cost 12€. 

We will be booth 1-D129 on the Essen fair with few Medical Dossiers for CliniC, and Small City expansion packs

07 September 16



05 September 16

We are very happy to announce that TRAMWAYS boxes have been produced last week...

BIG CONSEQUENCE : The game will be ready for an Essen release !!!

We will send a newsletter this week which should give more informations for the Essen attendees.

For those who have backed the project on KS, an update will be sent very soon as well..

23 June 16

The KS campaign is over since  one week, but I am happy to announce that the files have been sent for approval to the manufacturer to produce Tramways week 32

You can preorder the game on the web site if you like and read the final version of the English Rules

17 April 16

The campaign for TRAMWAYS will be launched on Kickstarter May 16th 2016 : You takes the role of Investissor to build the network of Small City. 

TRAMWAYS is a stand alone game. It will be produced by NSF games in the Netherlands.

1 Feb 16

Lauching of a new website specially dedicated to the Alban Viard's boardgames designs. AVstudiogames will present the latest News. It is possible to play some of the games in solo. A little shop is also integrated to purchase the stand alone games and expansions.

You can also subscribe to the website so you will be the first informed of his last creation.