Clinic Deluxe Extension 69th

Clinic Deluxe Extension 69th

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Bad taste, cynical modules and big dose of humour !

This campaign is live and its goal is to fund Clinic Deluxe Extension 69th Blue Extension and Clinic Deluxe Extension 69th Pink! These 2 boxes have different components.

I would say that these boxes are the least serious than any other expansions. I was feeling that I had lost the cynical part of Clinic the base game with my last expansions. Some modules must be taken with a dose of humour (Sperm donations or Seductive Secretaries), others are just fine and are great for mixing with others already released (Cryogenics, Cosmetic Surgeons, Genetic Counselors). It is more than 150 new tiles and more than 160 new Wooden tiles!


I also added new Solitaire Goals and a new set of Randomizer cards to complete the missing modules which are eligible to be combined.

Finally, I added Pills tokens for replacement of the Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th (addictive patient, and blue pill) because some of the fans were not happy with the real pills.

This is the Blue Expansion. It contains different components than the Pink Expansion! The Cryogenics meeples designed by Todd Sanders are probably the most original meeples ever in the Clinic Universe.

This is the Pink Expansion. It contains different components than the Blue Expansion! The Lustful Doctors look like Batman meeples, but they work differently... The limousine meeples are very fun to use with the PopStars Meeples.

This is a the Clinic Extension 69th Blue rules HERE,

 This is a the Clinic Extension 69th Pink rules HERE

  • Currently, we have no plans to put this last Clinic Deluxe Extension 69th into the traditional distribution channels, so if you are interested in this expansion, and you like the concept, please pledge now. That is the best — and perhaps only — way to get this game. The theme of these expansions are probably unconventional...
  • You get the best discount on the Shipping Costs: If I have at least 500 orders, I can make a big shipment in one shot and I have reduced shipping costs on my side. The shipping costs are only 9€ (worldwide) till the end of October 2024. This reduction is immediately applied to your order. After October 31th, the normal shipping costs will be 19€!

We are lacking New Solo Goals and you were many to contact me for adding new ones. It was not so easy to add solo goals because they must be perfectly balanced with the other Goals. But I am happy to add 17 New Solo Goals, coming with components from Clinic Deluxe The Extension, Clinic Deluxe Extension 2nd and Clinic Deluxe Extension 3rd !

I had some space on the big punched board so I added Blue Pills and replacement for the Pink Real pills. These pills have now the same player's color. But they work as explained in Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th.

01 June 2024

First draft of the text campaign will be ready and online to be reviewed! Preorders will be launched !

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