Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th

Be yourself in this last expansion and treat your Clinic addiction!

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Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th

This campaign is live and its goal is to fund Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th! This will be a boxed expansion.

  • You liked them in the base game, you loved them in The Extension (the first box of expansions), you loved them even more in the 2nd Extension and in the 3rd Extension: They are back in the Clinic Extension 6th!

4 × Clinic addict meeples: They represent, YOU, the Clinic addict player !

4 × nursing assistant meeples

4 × physiotherapist meeples

8 × new lively elder meeples. They are also coming with their very special blue pills... you know...

  • 36 × module randomizer cards

It was a suggestion from many fans, and I am very happy to make the first deck of randomizer cards

  • 1 new sort of Patients:

16 × disgruntled patient meeples

  • Real Medical (but empty) caps 

33 × capsules in 6 colors


12 × cubes in 4 colors

  • 1 × grab bag of approximately 50 spare components.

  • a rule book of 12 pages in:

- English, French, Spanish, Italian and German

This is a very rough version for the Clinic Extension 6 rules HERE

  • Currently, we have no plans to put this last Clinic Deluxe Extension 6th into the traditional distribution channels, so if you are interested in this expansion, and you like the concept, please pledge now. That is the best — and perhaps only — way to get this game. 

  • You get the best discount on the Shipping Costs: If I have at least 300 orders, I can make a big shipment in one shot and I have reduced shipping costs on my side. The shipping costs are only 6€ (worldwide) till the end of October 2023. This reduction is immediately applied to your order. After October 31th, the normal shipping costs will be 12€.

28 September 2023

14 September 2023

Hello Clinic Addicts !

  1. Thank you for your incredible support these last days and we easily reached the goal! So there will be a Clinic Extension 6th...
  2. I would like to share with you several photos of the handling and assembling of this small print run (in my Kitchen and in my dining room...)


I am still missing the rules and the new Clinic Extension 6th box.I don't know how much to make: 500-1000, not more.  We will know the final print run and how many plastic zip bags I must buy again mid October and End of October when the campaign is over.

  1. A second interesting news is that we are working with a fan to make a big one box with several plastic trays, stacked together inside the big box (dimensions are in the calculating phase). This big box would include ALL components coming from ALL expansions, with ALL rules. When the files are ok and fully play tested, I will post more information. But I am realistic, these kind of plastic trays are very expensive to produce and I don't expect having more than 500 fans on this project. 

Next news 30th September 2023

29 August 2023


Thank you very much for the first preorders on my website. I don't use any other crowdfunding platform because Clinic Deluxe Base game is sold out. It would be too risky to reprint it. 

I am happy to release (if we meet) the goal, this new fun boxed expansion. 

Delivery time is mid November if everything goes well. I received the first samples of the new Meeples.

More news in 2 weeks.



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Congratulations: The goal is reached. The campaign is not over yet (end on 10/31/2023 at 23:59). You can still participate to the financing and take advantage of the rewards.
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